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  • Most of our organizations have more than one city and they are the same group but have some separate leadership and working committee for each city. Chicago has 28 and one organization but 28 subcommittees that organize and work but invite everyone to be part of the org and the evnts. Smaller cities are the same some what. An overall org and separate sub committees to have enuf volunteers to do the work.
    you could call me at 8479227862
    Paula Randant

  • Greetings from St Charles Missouri sister cities organization. Paula I am coming to you because of your position in knowing many different Sister Cities. We have a meeting Wednesday night with board of directors from our capstone organization, our German club and our Irish club. There are some people who want to be very active in both clubs and are complaining about having to go to a German club meeting andan Irish club meeting every month. Well this Wednesday night there is going to be a push to merges into one club, the Irish and the German meeting together. I have served as president of the German chapter 15 years. I have a hard time seeing how this can work. Can you please tell me if you have any sister cities in Illinois who have merged like this? What do you think of such an idea? And lastly how many different Sister Cities do you administer? Hope you can help, best regards, Joe Daues

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