Winter 2015 ISCA Presidents Note

February 4, 2015

Happy winter to everyone.  We are definitely in the middle of winter. Hope you are all safe and warm.

The ISCA is actively working on the Annual Conference in Naperville.  Naperville has a great Sister Cities Program and it will be a great event.  The Conference is scheduled for April 17, 18 and 19, 2015 in Naperville.  Details to follow check our website and face book for details.

Leadership of volunteer organizations is an ongoing challenge.  Each year new members are needed on the Board at ISCA to carry on the work of the ISCA.  We are always seeking ways to assist Illinois Sister Cities programs and promote Citizen Diplomacy.  Board terms are 3 years and executive committee terms are 2 years.  An individual can serve two terms.  There will be several positions open this year.  We are in need of individuals who can attend 4 meetings per year around the state.  We are also looking for individuals who have the time to work on committees.  We need help with our social media and website, we need fundraising assistance and Sister City of the Year Award assistance.  Our current Board has been very busy with ISCA committee work and supporting Sister City programs.  We are a working Board.  If you are interested in running for the Board please email me at

Our Facebook page can always use new posts.  Please forward any information or pictures from current or past events to share.    Our Website needs information and more volunteers who are web savvy.   If you know someone who would like an internship we could use the help and offer web and social media experience.

Decatur Sister Cities has been chosen as the site of our 2016 ISCA Annual Conference.  We are recruiting for the City site for 2017.  If you are interested please contact me or Adrienne Tongate.

Let us know of special events or Anniversary’s.  We would like to help you promote them.

Hope to see you at the Naperville Conference.

Paula Randant, President




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