First, we congratulate Holly Lazzerini-Mathur on her election to the Big Board! The good energy of Illinois’ ISCA will rub off on the national front.


News Update:


Urbana is about to send or first citizen diplomats to Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, People’s Republic of  China. Mayor Prussing,  I , Chris Stohr and three others including another City Council person are hoping to strengthen our very new Sister City relationship with this, our first trip to China. In May last year a delegation from Haizhu visited Urbana for two days, and we signed an agreement of intent to develop a friendly relationship with Haizhu, which is also the home of Sun Yat-sen University.


We have prepared a 16 page booklet on our sister city history which was translated into Chinese for this meeting.


The real reason of this journey is to make a presentation about the $100,000.00 Sino-African Initiative tri-lateral grant Urbana is conducting under the guidance of SCI, and to invite Hauzhu District to participate. This may include travel by Hauzhu engineers and waste management staff from China to Zomba, Malawi, to help work on the solid waste collection and organic composting facility we are building there under this grant project. Then we will enjoy 1 1/2 weeks of sight-seeing in Shanghi, Xian, and Beijing.


Meanwhile, see you at the state board meeting in late August.


Dennis Roberts


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