On US Flag Day, June 14, 2013, Mr. Tony Ferniza became a United States Citizen. With him is Ms. Janet Kenney, President of the Sister Cities Association of Springfield (SCAS). Mr. Ferniza is from San Pedro de Las Colonias, Coahuilla, Mexico, a Sister Cities partner with Springfield since 1996. Mr. Ferniza originally visited Springfield as one of the first exchange students from San Pedro to visit Springfield. After Mr. Ferniza completed his education and returned to the United States and Springfield, he served as a member of the SCAS Board of Directors. Several members of the SCAS Board of Directors and the SERTOMA Club of Springfield (a community partner for San Pedro with SCAS) were on hand to witness Mr. Ferniza’s swearing-in ceremony. Mr. Ferniza will be recognized at the June 30, 2013 SCAS Annual Meeting.

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