Denver awarded Sister Cities International’s Sino-African Initiative Grant

WASHINTON, DC – Sister Cities International announced that Denver Sister Cities International

(DSCI) has been awarded a Sino-African Initiative grant to create a pilot Sino-African-US trilateral

sister city project that targets urban poverty alleviation and economic development in African cities

by increasing resources for the urban poor. Denver will be working with its sister city partners in

Nairobi, Kenya and Kunming, China to implement the project.

DSCI is one of three sister city organizations to be awarded the SAI grant. The two others selected

are: Urbana, Illinois and an Asheville/Raleigh team in North Carolina. The grantees were selected

after a formal call for proposals in August 2012. The applications were then judged by a panel of five

distinguished judges each providing a specific perspective from their experiences in the U.S., China,

and Africa. DSCI will plan and implement its project in 2013.

SAI is a two-year $1.5 million program designed to address the manner in which Chinese, African,

and U.S. cities can collaborate on economic development and urban poverty issues in Africa. By

working with Chinese, African, and U.S. public diplomacy networks, local municipal governments,

and businesses, this initiative seeks to create strategies that ensure development and poverty

alleviation projects address community needs, safeguard human rights and safety, and promote

transparent business practices and government accountability.

SAI will conclude at the end of the second year with a feasibility report that draws from the three

pilot projects. The focus of the report will include best practices in creating Sino-African-U.S.

trilateral sister city partnerships and multilateral cooperation for economic development and urban

poverty alleviation programs.

SAI builds upon Sister Cities International’s African Urban Poverty Alleviation Program (AUPAP),

designed to address urban poverty in 25 African cities through water, health, and sanitation projects

developed collaboratively by U.S. and African sister city programs.

About Sister Cities International

Sister Cities International facilitates nearly 2,000 partnerships in 136 countries across six continents

between 550 plus communities in the United States with similar municipalities abroad. Sister Cities

International represents citizen diplomats who work tirelessly to promote the organizations’ mission

of creating world peace and cultural understanding through economic and sustainable development

programs, youth and education projects, arts and culture, and humanitarian assistance.



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