Sister Cities International Board of Directors
Thelma Press as Global Envoy

WASHINGTON, DC Sister Cities International Board of
Directors approved Ms. Thelma Press as a Global Envoy. In her new role, she will
represent the organization globally and serve as an integral part of the Sister
Cities International diplomatic and partnership outreach.

Global Envoys are highly distinguished volunteer leaders of Sister Cities
who represent the organization. There is no higher honor in
Sister Cities International.

Ms. Press is a Sister Cities International veteran. She served as a
Board member from 1977-2001 and did so in a distinguished manner with an
unblemished record. She first became associated with the organization in 1959
when Tachikawa, Japan linked with her town San Bernardino, California. Ms. Press
also served as the co-chair of the First Sino-U.S. Sister Cities Conference in
Beijing in 1995.

Ms. Press brings forth a valuable national and international network.
Sister Cities International looks forward to her representing the
organization and the entire network in her new role as Global Envoy.

About Sister Cities International.

Sister Cities International facilitates nearly 2,000 partnerships in
136 countries on six continents between 600 communities in the United States
with similar municipalities abroad. Sister Cities International represents
citizen diplomats who work tirelessly to promote the organizations’ mission of
creating world peace and cultural understanding through economic and sustainable
development programs, youth and education projects, arts and culture, and
humanitarian assistance.

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