Dixon Sister Cities Association:  charity begins at home.

For the past several years the Dixon Sister Cities
Association has assisted a family financially during the Christmas
holidays.  Our Christmas Family for 2011
was a young couple with 3 children ranging from junior high age to a new
baby.  Both parents had lost their jobs
and their name had been given to us by the Goodfellow Organization as one
deserving our attention and benevolence.
The parents had no family to help them through this difficult time but
were actively seeking employment.

The generosity of the Dixon Sister Cities Association members
was overwhelming.  With the donations, the
Christmas Family Committee was able to buy clothing for all and toys for the
children.  The donations included enough
money for groceries and necessities.

The Dixon Sister Cities Association members embrace this
worthy cause.  We are of the belief that
although we give generously to our sister cities that are less fortunate than
us, charity begins at home.

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